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PlayStation 5 Latest News: It may be cloud based

The Playstation 5, often simply called the PS5, is not on it way just yet. We expect a release date on the wrong side of 2018 and possibly a late-2019 or even a 2020 launch if things are taken to the brink. The way the gaming business is gaining momentum, it will be a very different world three years from now. The reason we can take an educated guess on the specs and features relies on several factors. One of them is the future of storage technology. We believe that the new PS5 will have a cloud based presence. We list why below.

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The Cloud is virtual and is virtually limitless. The external hard drive is none of those elements. Both the storage options have its fair share of supporters and detractors. To sum, the basic argument is between on-site versus off-site storage capabilities. The external hard drives are fast and safe from untoward guests who can often be hackers. You control the data. On the other hand, they have a physical limitation of size and storage capacity and these two are directly proportionate. They are also vulnerable to accidental occurrences like theft, fire, and hard drive failure. Cloud solutions, on the other hand, provide continuous, ongoing and very reliable automated service, but are slower than on-site solutions, and more vulnerable to hackers, theoretically at least. Unless one does precocious research, it is very different out make out the right option for a user.

Another factor which the PS5 manufacturer Sony will want to look at is the pricing and strategic gains that can be made if the service is moved to the Cloud. External hard drives have a much more linear pricing structure when compared to cloud services. The formula is simple: the more space a drive has, the more it will cost. A PCWorld study last year revealed that all hard drives by various companies are priced per gigabyte and vary only slightly, although there are exceptions. Cloud pricing is tricky: each vendor charges as it sees fit. When we compare various cloud-service providers like Magic, Box, DropBox, Zetta and Norton, we see that users have to pay more for better file encryption, the creation of multiple restore points, dedicated customer-care service and excellent backup services should anything go wrong. The pricing will thus range wildly, to put it mildly. Surely if the PS5 decides to migrate to the Cloud, it will rethink its strategy if it wants to ensure its viewers are able to access the system. A distinct possibility is if Sony Playstation 5 is actually Cloud-based and has its own dedicated Cloud-based service, ensuring customer loyalty and ease of use.

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However, Sony will look to use the 6-7 years of time it will get between the release of the PS4 in 2013 and the expected release of the PS5 to gauge public sentiment and technological progress. If Cloud-based services open up to a faster and more secure future, a move to the Cloud is worthwhile. On the other hand, if any new breakthrough is achieved in external drive technology, and this is most likely, the drive may still house the console’s brains. We believe that the PS5 will indeed be Cloud-based.

Xbox 2 Latest News: It will support previous consoles

This year will be one of the best when it comes to gaming consoles, and in some cases, instances of super-consoles. We heard yesterday from Xbox boss Phil Spencer who was seen assuring fans, enthusiasts and potential customers that Microsoft will continue to extend support existing consoles like the Xbox One and the Xbox One S for a pretty long time to come.

Xbox 2 Latest News: It will support previous consoles

Spencer also assured that he personally had played games on the all-new Xbox 2 aka Project Scorpio. Project Scorpio will essentially be a higher end variation of the existing Xbox consoles. Spencer is a frequent and often eloquent user of social media and he is extremely active on Twitter. He has shown keen interest in receiving users’ comments, their suggestions, critiques and constructive ideas. He was speaking on a tweet from a user who wished to know if the Xbox 2 would continue supporting the existing consoles like the Xbox One and the Xbox One S. He also acknowledged the fact that as of now, there was some confusion among users as to whether retroactive continuity for the new console would continue. He has looked to clear the air.

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Often described by Microsoft as being the most powerful console ever made, the Xbox boss has said that he will look to ensure that all user concerns are addressed and that all critics are silenced. The same can also be said of Sony, which has tried to assuage user concerns on the upcoming PlayStation consoles. These comments are derived from last week, when Spencer said in an interview that he was “really happy” with the development of the Project Scorpio. He was especially praising the engineering and development team attached to Project Scorpio and what they had been able to achieve. What we do know is that the Project Scorpio will be heavily betted upon by Microsoft.

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Project Scorpio or the Xbox 2 is scheduled for launch this holiday season across the United States first and then the world. We, however, are unsure about exactly Microsoft will start to show the new console off, however. Earlier this month, Spencer had himself said he is unsure if Microsoft will start showing off the Project Scorpio before E3 in June. The E3 is often described as the largest video game expo in the world. Due to be held on June 13th and 15th, the E3 will also mark the release of several video games which will be featured on the Xbox 2.

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The relationship between the new console and the previous Xbox console has been compared to the PS4 and the PS4 Pro in the sense that Project Scorpio will also support peripherals for those systems despite their release being earlier. In other news, the Xbox 2 console is reputed to feature four new major features: it will ensure support for 4K gaming, it will have a monstrous six teraflops of processing power, it will boast of an 8-core CPU and lastly, it will be VR compatible. We hope the Xbox 2 delivers on the promises it makes and ask you to watch this space. We are going to update with latest updates of PS5, WWE2k18 game here.