SHAREit Comes with Incredible Features

SHAREit Comes with Incredible Features

With the advancement of technology with the passage of time, things have become much easier for all who is a proud possessor of a smartphone or even a personal computer. And with the passage of time sharing videos and other media files from one device to the other has become much easier. This is primarily because of the new apps that have come up in the recent times. And SHAREit is one of those apps, which enables the users to share media files one electronic device to the other through a hassle-free process.

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SHAREit New Incredible Features

SHAREit Comes with Incredible Features

Before the arrival of the apps like SHAREit, users of smartphones and other electronic gadgets used to connect the couple of devices with the help of Bluetooth or any other method. But with the arrival of all these apps, it has become much easier for any user to transfer one file from one device to the other. The best thing about SHAREit is the fact that it doesn’t require an internet connection to share the media files. An internet connection is required to share media files from one device to the other with the help of social media apps and messengers. But SHAREit enables the users to save money if we think it that way. Internet connection needs a lot of investment while if you have the SHAREit app on your device, you don’t have to spend any amount of money in order to transfer the file one electronic device to the other.


Yet another exciting feature of the SHAREit app is the ‘Group Sharing’ option. Often many such sharing apps do not provide the user with the facility to connect more than one device to the original source. But SHAREit does provide the users with the facility to stay connected to more than one device while sharing media files from device to another. In fact, the SHAREit app can share the desired files from one device to as many as five devices, which is quite incredible for the users. Is all the users have SHAREit in their electronic gadgets it provides the sender with the opportunity to send one file to five users at the same time. That saves time and reduces the chances of any sort of mistake while sending the files. This is one of the options, which other apps from this genre do not provide. So SHAREit comes up with really exciting feature which is bound to make it more popular among the users than its competitors.

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SHAREit for PC provides it users with the opportunity to share any kind of file the users desire to send to other electronic device. And the ‘Cloneit’ option is one of the reasons why one shares everything with any other device. The ‘Cloneit’ option enables the users to copy all the contacts, Contact Logs, SMS and even the settings from one device from the other. This is one of the feature which comes to the greta use when one gets hold of a new smartphone.

So it can be concluded that SHAREit is one of those apps which is becoming all the more popular than what it used to even a few years back. And the prime reason behind that is it comes with all the new features which many of its competitors do not provide.

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