Top 5 upcoming Smartphone of 2017

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Top 5 upcoming Smartphone of 2017

Time flies so flies the technology. Today we have reached the year 2017 which means that the tech and the time must have reached to a level that will uplift our nerves. Today, in this article we are going to explain top 5 upcoming smartphones of the year 2017. We will put some extra light on some of the amazing facts that involve the wonder beauties of the technologies like how faster they are, how clear they are and how easy and enjoyable they make our life. The main part where you must hold your focus on is that this compilation for the top 5 best smartphones which hold a unique thing that might help you in the tracking the device looked upon by you for so long. Behold as the best flagships of the year 2017 comes here:

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Top 5 Smartphones of 2017 (Upcoming)

  1. Samsung Galaxy S8:

The last series of Samsung Galaxy S7 was something which went on to win hearts of people in terms of everything, be it the design, be it the power or the processor. But now, Samsung will b releasing a new and a Next-Gen instalment to this series, Samsung Galaxy S8. As per the latest rounds of leaks, it can be pointed out very well that the screen will have 4K display colors, 6GB RAM, a mini projector, a 30MP camera, a supercharged processor and an enormous battery. The model will arrive in two variants, 5.1-inch and 5.5-inch sizes with curved panels.

galaxy s8

Ahead in moving with tech, the company is planning to launch this phone enveloped in HD display. Also, as the prototypes and patents for devices that can be folded, therefore, it can be expected from the company that they may soon launch a flagship in the similar technology. In fact, as per the speculation, the Samsung might be launching one in this year.

Last time, we all saw that the Always On Display (AOD) feature debuted with the Galaxy Note 7 and therefore, it will also be made available with S8. This feature was collectively improved in its debutant phone as more pictures were added and a richer display hanging was to the phone when it was turned off.

  1. Apple iPhone 8:

Post creating a new benchmark with their lasts wonder phone, iPhone 7, apple is now looking forward to reaching new heights with their next launch, iPhone 8. No wonder people have already started to wait for the next instalments and the talks about the phone are already in the whole world. This device will be first made available in the USA and then one can expect the same to be out in countries like china, UK, Australia, Germany, France, Singapore, India and various other countries. With this phone, people are really expecting some edgy things like a never before seen and never before experienced a performance from this latest upcoming feature phone.

iphone 8

The phones created by Apple are so good that either a person falls for the dual camera tech, the fast speed of the phone or the sleek design of the phone. But still, people were not that much happy about the design of the iPhone 7 which was launched last year. But now with iPhone 8, people are already in talks that this new phone will have a much better design. More focusing on the specifications, it can be truly said that the new iPhone 8 will come packed with iOS 11 and will be upgraded to Apple A11 chipset processor. Further, the phone will be coupled with the Waterproof Technology and will also have a reversible USB charger.

xiaomi mi6

  1. Xiaomi mi6

This new and the latest upcoming release from mi6 is what the world is talking day and night. The specifications and features of Xiaomi Mi6 are –

  1. Display

The display of the phone is expected to go buying the 5-inch benchmark and reach up to 5.2 inches and will assuredly have a 4K screen. The resolution of the display is going to be 4096 x 2160 resolutions which is expected to have PPI near 700.

  1. Processor

The processor is the next important thing of a phone is the performance and speed. Therefore, talking about the processor of the phone, it is going to be 2.5 – 2.7 GHZ 16-core processor.

  1. Camera

The camera of Mi6 will create an exotic aura with its 23 Mega-Pixel rear cameras and 7 Mega-Pixel front-facing cameras.

  1. Memory

The phones expected to come in 3 variants in terms of storage, namely, 32 GB, 64 GB, and 128 GB. Also, the storage of the phone can also be allowed to be extended with the help of a Micro SD Slot.

  1. Battery and Wireless Charging

The phone will feature a 4000 mAh battery which will be allowed to get charged with a wireless charging technology. This means that the user will able to get the phone back alive very quickly. Also, making it last longer than the usual what a user expects. The speed of charging for this phone will be 100 percent in an hour.

  1. Retina Scanner

This one is the newest and important technology because not just your figure print but your eyes will help in unlocking the device, make the purchase on Google play store or make purchases online.

  1. LG G6:

This new phone which is going to be launched or made available this year is the proof that the company will be improving things in terms of everything. As per the latest news or leaks, it is seen that the company is experimenting with the OLED display and the wireless charging technology but still nothing can be assured in the same.

lg g6

The new LG G6 will be launched soon in April 2017 but still the exact dates or even the authenticity of the release time is not confirmed. But still, when there’s a hope, there are the reasons where new things happen. Thus, it is being expected with the phone that it will have a tempered glass back. Since the company produces OLED displays for its TVs therefore, it makes sense that the new launch will surely have in its possession.

Last time with the launch of G5 phone, the company came up with the figure scanner but it was located on the back side of the phone. Now with G6, the company is trying to innovate it and looking forward to putting it in the front so as to remove all kind of issues or problems related while unlocking the device.

  1. HTC 11

It is well known to everyone that HTC is among the top most makers of the smartphones. This makes the company deliver high-end flagship devices. Last year the company touched the new level of technology with HTC 10 and now this year to the company is trying to push the records to their new device, HTC 11.

htc 10, best smartphone

This new upcoming launch from HTC is expected to come up with a never before seen design which will undoubtedly make it cool. The display of the device may reach to 5.5 inches and its QHD display will come up with a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels.

The new thing with this phone will be that it will have a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor which will come powered by 8GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage or ROM. Another variant of this phone will have 6 GB of RAM but the ROM can be either 64 GB or 128 GB or as per the choice of the user. The camera of the phone is expected to reveal some of the new things with its 12 MP dual ultra pixels camera and no doubt it can beat anyone in the competition.

Having described the top 5 upcoming best smart phones of the year, it can be truly be felt contended that the technology is always on the way to give us pleasures. Also, the technology will continue to do so in the coming future. Thank us later for the info shared above. For now, you need to cherish the wait for your dream phone which is about to launch this year.

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