WWE2k18 Latest News & Updates

WWE2k18 Latest News & Updates

Upcoming game WWE 2K18 is developed by 2K games and has been making headlines globally wherever there are gamers. We can now confirm that former WWE wrestler and Olympic medalist Kurt Angle is looking to make a return to the game in the form of promotional Downloadable Content or DLC. The wrestler himself professed to be interested in this development in a recent interview he gave to a wrestling magazine. Obviously, such a comeback to the ring may also entail the star’s future return to the physical ring. Should he do that, other WWE competitors may fall by the wayside as the star will look to improve ratings for both offline as well as the online wrestling universe.

WWE2k18 Latest News & Updates

In the same interview, Kurt Angle seemed to list out the names of WWE opponents that he wanted to fight it out with. The first name on the list was Daniel Bryan. However, Angle himself said that he did not feel that would happen. Subsequently, the wrestler said that he believed that the right opponent to mark his comeback game with was Seth Rollins and he was looking forward to taking him on. The development certainly does not seem unusual as WWE is known to bring back big names to the ring from time to time if only to garner more eyeballs. Big names retain their star power in spite of retiring. Many retired wrestlers have been later seen in TV shows, movies, video games like this one and other assorted media. Big names who have migrated in such a manner are Dave Bautista, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Paul Levesque who is better known as Triple H and Hulk Hogan, who started the trend around two decades ago.


WWE 2K18 will be a continuation of the popular gaming franchise which started in 2000 and has seen many generations of fans and supporters. According to this report, the game will debut in October 2017, and it is set to feature improved gaming imagery alongside bringing back older models like the 2K Showcase, one of the most popular single-player features first introduced in 2014. Kurt Angle departed from the WWE in 2006 and has since worked with TNA Impact Wrestling and other independent shows. However, the former Olympic gold medalist has had issues with his neck in the past and he will look to recover quickly if he wants to be back in action. Neck injuries are not uncommon when it comes to wrestlers. We also expect the new 2K18 to have a better and more developed gameplay. The gameplay in the most recent game tends to remain slow and sometimes unresponsive, and the fact is it also seems to lack the overall pace of the earlier Smackdown vs. Raw titles. Even the online multiplayer modes suffer from the same problem and 2K will look forward to upgrading the new game.

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The new game, WWE2K18, will release for the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One in the 1st week of October 2017. The PC release date is November 2017. The price of the new game is unknown as of now.

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